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9/11 - 9/15

NOAPS 28th International BEST OF AMERICA Exhibition 

hosted by Eisele Gallery of Fine Art  

5729 Dragon Way - Cincinnati, Ohio



Join us for a week of exciting events.  Network - have fun and 





Tuesday, Wednesday and 1/2 day on Thursday- 9/11 - 9/13


2 1/2 day workshop with NOAPS event judge, Adam Clague

'Painting the Portrait" 

  $335 (max 15 people) - Hurry....there are only 4 spaces left.















I’ll begin each morning by sharing vital principles for portrait painting. Then, you’ll see those

concepts in action as I demonstrate painting a portrait from a live model. I’ll verbalize my

thoughts and show you my process start to finish. Each afternoon, you’ll have the opportunity

to paint from a live model as I offer one-on-one assistance and critiques. Please join me for this

wonderful time of fun and learning! —Adam Clague







Thursday 9/13 from 1 to 3pm 

at Women's Art Club 



a way to give back through your art


Doug Eisele, owner of Eisele Fine Art Gallery is going to head a roundtable discussion with

NOAPS members and visiting artists.   

 Don't miss this amazing opportunity to hear Doug's story and find out how you can

'create love and healing through your art'.


You will remember this for a long time to come!


6980 Cambridge Ave



Thursday 9/13 at 6pm

Meet new NOAPS friends and enjoy a night of 'talking art'. We will meet at the Mariemont Hotel restaurant at 6pm.

6880 Wooster Pike, Cincinnati, OH, 45227

Friday 9/14 from 9 to noon
At the Mariemont Inn
6880 Wooster Pike, Cincinnati, OH, 45227

Painting Demonstration by

Mary Qian

I feel my art is like an open diary. It records my
Artist Statement:
life, and the life around me.
My paintings are my preferred way to explain myself to the world. They speak of the things I don't know how to put into words.
Painting is a process and it connects me, my sitters and the viewers.  It is a bridge between past and present.
I want to paint people, because people intrigue me, especially during the process of communication in silence.

I hope viewers will feel what I felt in the moments of painting. See what inspired me!


Painting Demonstration by

Bo Zhang

BO Zhang.jpeg
BO Zhang 1.jpg.jpeg

Bo Zhang is a member of Oil Painters of America and Chinese National Artists Association. He received a Bachelor’s Degree and a Master’s Degree from Guangzhou Academy of Fine Art in China. He has taught art at the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Art for several years as vice director of the Art Department. His artworks have participated in many show exhibitions in America, France, China, Japan, Hong Kong, and Southeast Asia. His paintings have been chosen to participate in the Seventh Chinese National Oil Paintings Exhibition, won the Silver Medal of the Sixth Chinese National Exhibition of Fine Art, Gold Prize at the World Cultural Convention in Algeria, Award of Medal at the NOAPS Best of America 2012 National Exhibit, Silver Medal at the 23r OPA National Juried Exhibition in 2014, and the President's Award of Excellence at the 25th OPA National Juried Exhibition in 2016. Bo Zhang's artworks have been collected by museums, art schools, and individuals, such as the China National Art Museum, Guangdong Fine Art Museum, and the Blue Roof Art Museum, and also have been published in many well-known art magazines, newspapers, and art directories around the world. He currently resides in the suburbs of Chicago.



Friday 9/14  NOON

American Art Collector will be sponsoring a lunch for all our NOAPS members at the Mariemont Inn from

12:30 - 1:30pm


After Lunch - 1:30pm - AWARDS CEREMONY

Please join us at the Mariemont Inn at noon 

for the NOAPS Awards Ceremony.

Our judge, Adam Clague, will present the 2018 Best Of America awards.


NOAPS President, Michelle Murray will award NOAPS Signature Status and Master Status to this year's qualifying artist members.  

Several NOAPS members are going to ...



Friday 9/14 at 2 - 4 pm

at the Mariemont Inn

Would you like to have a professional artist critique of your artwork?


Mary Qain and Cheng Lian have offered to give advice and direction to artists who want positive feedback from a professional!  If you're interested and would like to set up an appointment,  please email

Nancy Haley at

Friday 9/14 at 5 pm - 8pm

NOAPS exhibition Opening at

Eisele Gallery of Fine Art

5729 Dragon way - Cincinnati OH


get recognized!

Saturday 9/15 from 9 - noon

at the Women's Art Club

Painting Demonstration by judge ADAM CLAGUE

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