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Adam Clague
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Painting portraits can be highly rewarding but it can also be intimidating! Perhaps your past attempts have been flat and formless or the skin colors look 'chalky' or 'muddy'. Maybe you spend hours to paint the perfect 'eye' only to realize later that it is in the wrong place.

If these struggles sound familiar you are not alone.  I'm excited to show you how to conquer these challenges and many more in this information-packed workshop.


You will learn how to...


- Draw anything correctly with the 4 actions for accurate proportions

- Mix realistic skin colors with my simple mixing methods

- Make your portraits come alive with 3-D form

-  Avoid chalky or muddy skin colors.

-  Turn the form with warms and cools...and much more!


I'll begin each morning with vital principals for portrait painting. Then, you'll see those concepts in action as I demonstrate a portrait

  from a live model. I'll verbalize my thoughts and show you my process- start to finish. Each afternoon, you'll have the opportunity to paint from a live model as I offer one on one assistance and live critiques. Please join me for this wonderful time of fun and learning. -

Adam Clague



2 1/2 day WORKSHOP COST  - $335 






work shop location
Woman's Art Club of Cincinnati
6980 Cambridge Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45227

Tuesday       9/11  - 9 am to 4 pm

Wednesday 9/12 - 9 am to 4 pm

Thursday      9/13 - 9 am to noon


You can leave your materials at the facility over night

 1 hour lunch break 

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