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Adam Clague Fine Art


Painting the Portrait In Oil

Workshop Supply List



Note: I’ll be using Rosemary & Co. brushes, Rembrandt and Gamblin oil paints, and

Gatorfoam panels that I prime with Utrecht Artists’ Acrylic Gesso or Gamblin Oil Ground.

However, please feel free to use any quality brands.


Paint Colors

(Feel free to replace cadmiums with “permanent” colors)


• Please bring: cadmium lemon, cadmium yellow medium, yellow ochre,

cadmium red light or medium, permanent alizarin crimson, transparent oxide red,

ultramarine blue, viridian, titanium white, ivory black


• Optional colors: Cadmium orange, transparent orange, cerulean, cobalt blue

(I use these rarely)



• At least 4 bristle flats or filberts ranging from small to large (sizes 1–12 or so)

• At least 4 softer flats or filberts (such as sable, mongoose or synthetic) ranging from

small to large (sizes 1–12 or so)

• 1 or 2 small bristle rounds or riggers for details (sizes 0–2)



Please bring at least 1 surface for each day. Sizes can range from 10" x 8" to 16" x 12".



• I would like everyone to use Gamsol (by Gamblin), but please also bring

a natural thinner such as artist’s linseed oil or artist’s safflower oil

in case someone has a sensitivity to Gamsol.

• Airtight brush washer container (like this one)



Please bring a portable easel that stands on the ground, such as a french easel,

pochade box, etc. If your easel cannot hold your palette, please bring a small folding table

for your palette.



• Portable palette (please no paper palettes or palettes with walls and compartments)

• At least 1 medium-sized palette knife

• Viva or blue carpenter paper towels

• Trash bags for soiled towels

• Note-taking materials

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