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on-line international spring 2019

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Spring 2019 Award Judge

awards judge

William Schneider/ NOAPS Master Artist
NOAPS Schneider head shot.jpg

William A. Schneider’s work has evolved since he finished his studies at the American Academy of Art.  Workshops with Carolyn Anderson, Dan Gerhartz, Harley Brown, Scott Christensen, Huihan Liu, and Richard Schmid among others solidified his understanding of the basics.  But he credits the many hours he spent studying and copying masterworks by Nicolai Fechin with loosening up his brushwork and approach to edges. 


He also describes four days of intense study and analysis at an exhibit of J.W.Waterhouse as an epiphany in understanding composition.  “The wonderful thing about art is that you can always get better.  I view myself as a perpetual student”.


William is a Master Signature Member of the Oil Painters of America, the Pastel Society of America, and the American Impressionist Society.  He has also been named to the Masters Circle by the International Association of Pastel Societies.


William has earned many national awards and has frequently been included in national art magazines.  He has also produced instructional art videos; for more information on William Schneider and to view his work visit his website at

Judges Statement


I consider it both an honor and a great responsibility to be a juror of awards. Art is so personal; we all want a fair shake.  I try to leave style and subject matter out of my decision. Although I paint relatively loosely and tend to focus on the figure, in the past I have given top awards to photo-realistic still lifes.


Here are the criteria I do look at (in this order):

  1. Drawing – First and foremost, it must be accurate. If the right parts aren’t in the right places, the painting won’t work for me.

  2. Design – The distribution of light and dark masses is what grabs the viewer from across the room.

  3. Value structure – Regardless of the key, I want the forms to seem solid. (Although they can be suggested…I still want them to hang together).

  4. Edges – It is a sign of mastery to depict the full hierarchy of edges, from razor-sharp to completely lost…it gives the paintings veracity.

  5. Color temperature – As we develop, the ability to see (and paint) the temperature relationship between light and shadow is usually the last basic skill we learn.

  6. “It” – Whether one calls it creativity, personal vision, concept, or something else, the best pieces reveal the artist’s unique interpretation…as in “that painting really has it!”

award winners

best in show


Be Still My Soul/ John Pototschnik- TX

Dimensions: 30x40in   Price:$11,275

second place


Persian Gold/ Nick Eisele- TX

Dimentions: 12x16in   Price:

third place


Abundance/ Derek Penix- OK

Dimentions: 30x36in   Price: 

best use of light & color


A Pink Dance/ Frankie Johnson- IL

Dimensions: 10x8in    Price: $900

best still life

Texture of Time/ Jeremy Goodding- NE

Dimensions: 30x24in     Price: 


best landscape

BOYD JR_DAVID_621586-1.jpg

Gulf View/ David Boyd Jr- GA

Dimensions: 36x48x3in     Price: 

most innovative


The Dark Continent/ Tom Heflin-IL

Dimensions: 40x40in     Price: $4000

best people

Mr. Bubble/ Robin Williamson- TX

Dimensions: 14x11x1in     Price:


narrative  excellence


Nighttime Rituals/ Angie Kang- CA

Dimensions: 24x30x1in    Price $6,000

awards of excellence

merit awards

accepted artists

Spring 2019 Accepted Artists
Spring 2019 Award winners

application dates

Application Dates:           January 7th- April 7th, 2019

Notification Date:            May 13th, 2018-Please check your JAS account as correct email address is necessary to receive notices and Merit Award certificates. Correct physical address is necessary to receive prizes.



about the event

The National Oil & Acrylic Painters’ Society (NOAPS) invites oil and acrylic painters from all across North America and International Artists to apply to our exhibit honoring the best in oil and acrylic painting. NOAPS has been showcasing the talents of oil and acrylic painters since 1991.
⦁ This is an INTERNATIONAL juried online competition open to ALL artists 18 years of age and older working in Oil and ACRYLIC medium. Both members and non-members of NOAPS may apply. 
⦁ 150 Artworks accepted into the show and eligible for awards
⦁ Current 2019 membership is NOT required before entering the SpringOnline . We welcome your Membership click the Membership Link at:


noaps "on-line international exhibition" awards


Best of Show : $1000

Second Place : $500

Third Place : $300

Additional Awards:

Best Landscape :  $200.00

Best Still Life :  $200.00

Best People :  $200.00

Best Use of Light & Color :  $200.00

Most Innovative : $200.00
Narrative Excellence :  $200.00

Ten Awards of Excellence recognition: $100.00

Ten Merit Awards: 1 year membership to NOAPS- $50.00 value

The TOP 150 artists will be given recognition on with Artist Name, Artist Website link and Image selected for this Exhibit.

The Awards in the On-Line International Exhibits do not apply for NOAPS Signature or Master Status.

Certificates will only be sent to artists who have won awards. Certificates for Merit Awards that have been won by artists from outside of North America will be sent exclusively by email.

artist eligibility

All NOAPS Members and Non-Members. This is an International Show and all countries welcome.


entry process  

All entries will be submitted via Juried Art Services (JAS)  JAS provides a comprehensive ‘Help Menu’.  NOAPS is also available to help with procedural problems. 

  • Email: for assistance or use the help menu on Juried Art Services

  • Digital files should be saved in universal .jpeg format for JAS entry and should be between 1400 pixels and 4000 pixels longest dimension at 300PPI (pixels per inch). Jurors will not consider entries that are not displayed correctly. No frame, mat, or background visible. Be sure the image is right side up.

  • Please note: After submitting an image(s) and making payment you can still go back to your submission at any time before the submission deadline and change the painting that has been submitted for a different painting. If you choose to add more paintings to your submission you can do so for $10 per image and contact NOAPS to pay for the extra submissions.


terms and conditions

  • Art work must be original two dimensional with mediums limited to OIL and ACRYLIC paints

  • Completed in the last three (3) years

  • Not previously accepted in any other NOAPS National Exhibit or NOAPS Online Top 150. 

  • No Minimum or Maximum size

  • NOAPS is dedicated to exhibiting excellent works of fine art which promote the artist’s artistic ability, vision and creativity within the traditional art forms of oil and acrylic painting.  In this respect all artwork must be original and created from conception to completion by the artist. No mixed media, photography, digital and or other media, No painted giclee prints, or any other type of reproductions, no manipulated photos. No artwork copied from other artists work or published photos, or created in an instructional setting are eligible.

  • If you wish to sell the art entered, please price your art consistent with the established value of your work.  Paintings do not have to be for sale.

  • Selected paintings will be showcased on, in the NOAPS Blog, and in NOAPS Social Media.  By entering, entrants are consenting to having a reproduction of their work used for promotion of the exhibit. You are confirming the work entered is your own and copyrighted images incorporated in your work have not been used.

  • Certificates will only be provided to artists who have won awards. 



Current 2019 NOAPS membership is NOT required. However, we welcome your membership. To Join NOAPS click the link here:


entry fee
The fee to enter is (US CURRENCY) $30 (1 image) with $10 for each additional image (5 maximum) 

⦁ Example: maximum of five (5) entries= $70 (US Currency)


selection process 

Each entry is reviewed and scored by an independent jury panel.  The Jurying panel will consist of a minimum of 5 NOAPS Master Artists or Signature Members.  The panel selects paintings for the exhibit based on the quality and individual mastery of the medium.

IMPORTANT: Jurors in the panel make selections based on the image entered. Make sure the image depicts a true representation of the painting. Images that are not displayed right side up or without proper cropping will not be juried. Jurors score the image only and do not see any information about the artist 


All Selected work (150 paintings) will be posted on to promote sales. Requests relating to artist’s information or sales will be forwarded to the artist.


Applications Dates: January 7th to April 7th, 2019
Notifications: May 13th, 2019 Reminder- incorrect addresses will not allow notifications to be delivered
Publication on website: May 14th 2019

  Your participation and support of the NATIONAL OIL & ACRYLIC PAINTERS’ SOCIETY is greatly appreciated. We wish you success in this event and may all your art career goals be met !




Please email 

The National Oil & Acrylic Painter’s Society (NOAPS)




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