noaps signature artists

Congratulations to our NOAPS members who qualified for Signature status in the Associate Members Online and in the 31st Best of America 2021



Denise Antaya

Stacy Barter

Krystal Brown

Sandra Desrosiers

Katherine Galbraith

Brenda Howell

Neal Hughes

Susan Hediger Matteson

Shana Levenson

Spencer Meagher

Lori Putnam

Bob Rohm

Shawn Sullivan

Kun Wang

Durre Waseem



The Signature Artists' Guild is an elite sector of the Society.
Artist members whose work is recognized for consistent excellence.


To achieve Signature Status, the artist member must accrue:​

6 total points within any consecutive 5 year period. Acceptance in both Best of America National Juried Exhibition and Best of America National Small Works National Juried Exhibition as well as First, Second, and Third Place in the annual Associate Member Online Exhibition each count for one point. 


Please Note:  Artist members who had accumulated points towards Signature status as of the end of 2019 were 'grandfathered' and allowed to continue accumulating points under the old rules until the end of 2021. At the end of 2021 the 'grandfathered' artists who did not achieve Signature status were moved to the new rules (6 points within any consecutive 5 year period). All applicable points that had been earned were converted to 1 point retroactively toward Signature Status.

*Master qualification awards begin to accrue after the show in which a member attains Signature Status.

The Signature Guild Artists are allowed to use the NOAPS designatory letters after their name or signature as acknowledgement of artistic achievement. We are very proud and we recognize them for their consistent excellence.

Click an artist's name and be taken to their personal website.