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Patricia Tribastone / New York

Patricia’s dream of being an artist began the moment she held a crayon. The dream became reality after a 20 year career as a dietitian, when she left the health care field to devote herself to her art. She started in colored pencil and pastel, and gained national recognition for her work in the pastel medium. As a self-taught artist, she trained herself to paint in oils, focusing mainly on still life. The bold use of color and light are distinguishing elements of her work, with an emphasis on drawing skills. Many of her still life paintings incorporate colorful fruits and vegetables, mainly for their interesting shapes and vibrancy.

Patricia is a Signature Member of the National Oil and Acrylic Painters Society, a juried member of several national art organizations including a Master Pastelist with the Pastel Society of America, a Master Circle artist with the International Association of Pastel Societies, a juried member of the International Guild of Realism, and the Salmagundi Club of New York City. She also holds memberships in other national and regional art organizations.

Patricia has been teaching oil and pastel painting for adults since 2004, both locally and out of state. She currently maintains a gallery/studio in Canandaigua, NY where she exhibits her own work and that of local and regional artists.

executive vice president

Michelle Murray/ Alberta, Canada

After early training in Commercial Art, she began to paint with oils in 2003. Representational oil paintings are Michelle`s passionate focus. In love with oils from the very first brush stroke, she realized the breadth, depth and width of oils is inexhaustible. As Richard Schmid says "it's the queen of all mediums." Using the paint to it's fullest, she uses thin transparent darks and thicker lights to add vibrance to her work. Depicting beauty for Michelle results from a special use of an illuminating light. Color, edges and value help breathe life into the canvas.

Figurative Artwork: Michelle's favorite subject matter are primarily women and children because they convey thought, emotion or mood so easily. After studying with Dan Gerhartz, the nuances of  painting from life were opened before her. Setting the costuming and the scene, she paints life studies on location and works from life in the studio. It is her desire to capture the light and beauty of the moment. . . to portray a simpler time, one that can't be defined.


Still Life Artwork: It is Michelle's desire to express the movement of light and richness of color, to capture the magnificence of the ordinary.

noaps treasurer - past president 2015

Hebe Brooks/ Texas

Born in Patagonia, Argentina, Hebe began traveling at an early age. As an exchange student in Pennsylvania, painting was her favorite class. In college at La Universidad del Comahue, she enjoyed art history and world culture classes. Upon graduation from college, she traveled extensively and worked in different parts of the world visiting art museums and archaeological sites from Europe to the Far East and all through the Americas. Studying languages enhanced her communication skills and gave her the opportunity to imbue herself with the local folklore where she lived or visited. A second degree in Fine Arts, Studio Painting with the Magna Cum Laude honor from the University of Houston led to the consolidation of her passion for art.


Hebe is an active participant in National and International exhibits and she has received many awards and recognitions including the NOAPS Master Artist designation. Her work has been presented in art shows, art galleries, and it is part of private collections.

Hebe supports the arts through her voluntary involvement. As a current NOAPS Board Director, she procures advertising opportunities to promote NOAPS and its members, she coordinates efforts to support members and she carries the duties of treasurer for the organization. Aside from NOAPS, Hebe is an active Docent at the Museum of Fine Arts Houston (MFAH) exposing her to a continuous art learning experience and the opportunity to see some of the best art exhibitions in the United States.

noaps vice president quality control & talent coordinator

Cheng Lian/ Texas

Cheng Lian was born in 1955 in Shanghai, China. Part of a close-knit, highly-talented family, he learned art since he was a little boy from his father, a famous artist and professor. He graduated from China Academy of Fine Art (a famous art school in China known as Zhejiang Academy of Fine Art), and he was an honored student in the art school.

As an artist Cheng has traveled to many places in China, Asia, United States, North America, Europe and South America; he uses his artist eyes observing things that he has seen like people and scenery, and he created eye catching, breathe taking portraits, landscapes and still lives with his unique style.



American Art Collector (USA), Art World News - cover (USA), Artists of Chinese Origin in North America Directory (USA), Chinese Select Oil Painting Artists (Japan)

noaps secretary

Karolyn Farrell/ Arkansas

Karolyn has enjoyed painting, selling and winning awards from an early age.  She won a monetary award for first place in a state wide safety contest by sketching her father posing with a hunting rifle when she was nine. Although she had art scholarships, she combined art, science and education into her undergraduate degrees, with Creativity in the older adult emphasis.  She enjoyed working in the sciences, teaching and serving as an educational administrator in public and higher education all the while successfully painting in oils and pastels.  When growing up, she was able to travel and visit many art museums.  She continues to study and travel in Europe and other areas for painting and studying.  Her art is in medical, corporate and private offices and homes around the USA and Asia.  She has received many major awards.  Her greatest joy is when an individual is so moved by a commissioned piece that he or she breaks into tears of joy and later relates how the art brings them happiness, peace, and serenity.


A worldwide video was disseminated of her intergenerational art work.  She has been published in numerous newspapers, publications and magazines.  She was featured in a recent book, Artists as World Changers, due to her vision, passion and purpose.  She feels arts were developed as Henri stated to "capture and recall the happiness and greater wisdom of our life." Critics have deemed her art as "passionate."  She is known as a colorist who understands art theory and produces it. She enjoys painting "plein air" as well as studio work and is grateful to her collectors who appreciate her landscapes, waterscapes , and figurative art.  She is represented by galleries in AR and MO.


She is a member of Oil Painters of America, NOAPS signature member, signature member of Artists of NW AR, Plein Air Painters, American Impressionistic Society, Mid American Pastel Society, Who's Who among Women internationally, in America, and in the South, National Museum of  Women in the Arts and others.

noaps director - on-line exhibitions

Ober-Rae Star Livingstone/ Canada

I am a self-taught artist who finds his inspiration in the beauty of nature. As a young man I travelled around the world and feel that much of what I experienced visually and emotionally makes its way into my paintings. I have  been painting for over 40 years.

My early work was largely abstract and it became more representational as I turned to landscape painting with the desire to express the beauty I find in nature.  The love of colour has always been an essential element in my work.   

I am a member of the International Society of Acrylic Painters as well as the National Oil and Acrylic Painters Society.  My paintings have won numerous awards and  are in  public and private collections world-wide. My work has been published  in the Acrylic Artists Magazine, the International Artist Magazine, The Artist’s Magazine  as well as in North Light Books’  “Acrylic Works 4 – Captivating Color”.  One of my pieces will be featured in “Acrylic Works 5 – Bold Values” in 2018.

I feel that it is an honour to be on the board of NOAPS and to have the opportunity to serve a community of inspiring artists from all across the continent.

A favourite quote:     Marc Chagall      “If I create from the heart, nearly everything works: if from the head, almost nothing.”

noaps director for Sponsors

Karen Budan / Arizona

Karen has had a lifelong desire to express herself through art beginning with paint by number kits at a very early age, quickly moving outside the lines established by others to create her own compositions.  She enjoyed a very successful first career in education, primarily administration and consulting.   However, she always held alive her art interest through classes and workshops.   After retiring, Karen and her husband relocated to Scottsdale, AZ.  A major decision point for choosing Scottsdale was the active art community.


Originally a pastel artist Karen tried oils in 2012 and has never looked back.   She is a contemporary still life painter painting in a hyperrealist style.  Her paintings feature bold color and the impact of light on and through objects.


Karen’s work in pastel and oil has been shown in juried exhibitions across the United States as well as solo gallery shows.   She has been featured in a number of publications and holds signature status in the National Oil and Acrylic Painters Society, The Pastel Society of America, the Arizona Pastel Artists Association, the Pastel Society of the West Coast, and Master Circle status in the International Association of Pastel Societies.  She is also a juried member of the International Guild of Realism and the Oil Painters of America. 

Artist's website

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Rosa Montante / New York

Rosa Montante was born in Serradifalco, (CL) Italy; migrating to Upstate NY with her family at age 12. Montante at an early age showed a love for drawing, inspired by religious art and architecture. In her teen years her love of art deepened, pursuing a Fine Arts Degree at Nazareth College of Rochester. In lieu of personal issues; Montante took a respite from her artistic focus. With as much passion pursuing a rewarding career in Operations / Market Research / Human Resources Management, traveling extensively, thus having the opportunity to visit various museums and enjoying the beauty of old masters paintings. Hoping to revitalize her love of art, in 2005 she took a local workshop in Oil Painting and has been painting ever since. Montante continuously seeks a deeper understanding of art by observing masterpieces, reading as well as learning from carefully selected international acclaimed artists.

Currently, Montante is the NY Territory HR Director for Metalico Inc. during the day and a representational artist at night. She is a member of the National Oil and Acrylic Painters Society (NOAPS), a member of the American Women Artists (AWA), a signature member of the Rochester Art Club (RAC), and an Oil Painter Instructor at the Art Stop in Penfield, New York, where she shares her passion for the old masters’ painting process with aspiring artists. Among Montante’s most accomplished achievements:  her painting “Pat’s Roses” is part of the Fort Wayne Museum of Art’s permanent still life collection; other paintings acquired by private collectors nationally.

Passionate, expressive and honest, Montante’s floral / still life and/or portrait paintings capture the truest essence of life on canvas; enticing the viewer to participate and relish in life’s ordinary details. Montante is inspired by the impact of light, color, temperature and shadows, and chooses to interpret her subjects with dramatic lighting. Her love of flower gardening provides an infinite source of inspiration for her floral paintings, as she makes every attempt to represent flowers in the most magnificent and purest manner. Through her paintings, Montante aspires to reveal to the viewer a sense of stillness and movement, frailty and strength, fleetingness and existence, capturing the very essence of a moment in time.

publicity director

Nancy Murty / 

Nancy Murty is one of NOAPS’s newest board members. Working primarily in oils, Nancy finds inspiration in the natural world and her paintings often feature birds as well as the play of light, shadow, and color across the American landscape. All though realistic in nature, elements of abstraction and the Impressionists can also be seen in her work.


Influenced by the 19th-century Impressionist and post-Impressionist art movements, Ms. Murty remains fascinated with how we interpret the world around us, specifically the translation of organic forms and colors into a comprehensive structure. Further examination of her work reveals the depth of understanding she has behind her subject through her experience, inspiration, solid technique, and passion, culminating in an inspiring original body of work that encourages the viewer to participate.


Today Nancy continues to expand her artistic education through participation in workshops, demos, seminars, and close observation, including volunteering with the Braddock’s Bay Bird Observatory’s spring and autumn bird banding programs. The fusion of Nancy’s experiences, training, and insight brings a unique credibility to her work.

Artist’s Website

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Lisa Price / 

Lisa’s love of art began as a young girl and has continued throughout the years with an increasing desire to express her passion on canvas.  After many years of working in the interior design industry as a muralist and decorative artist, she began painting commissioned portraits while also working as an insurance defense paralegal.


Today Lisa continues her commission work but also paints a variety of subject matter with equal joy.  Using a variety of techniques, her inspiration is light, shadow, simple forms, and the excitement and challenge of drawing the viewer into each painting to create a unique and emotional art experience. 

Lisa is a Signature member of the National Oil and Acrylic Painters Society, an associate member of the Oil Painters of America, and a member of Alabama Plein Air Artists.  Her greatest pleasure and where she finds the most peace is creating in the studio and continuing her studies in order to grow as an artist.  

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Priya Ahlawat / Pennsylvania

Priya Ahlawat was born in India and currently lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She has lived and studied in the United States, Asia and Europe and holds multiple degrees in Dentistry and Orthodontics from renowned American and international Universities. Priya has studied with many carefully selected internationally and nationally acclaimed artists including Daud Akhriev and Kim English. Her quest for knowledge, love of reading and extensive travels through Europe, North America and Asia since a young age provide a well-grounded foundation from which her artworks are inspired and created.


Priya is a Signature Member of the National Oil and Acrylic Painters’ Society, Signature Member of the Women Artists of the West, Associate Member with Distinction of the American Women Artists as well as a juried member of several other national art organizations such as the Oil Painters of America.


Priya’s award-winning paintings have been selected to exhibit in several national, international and regional juried exhibitions such as the Art Renewal Center Salon International, National Oil and Acrylic Painters’ Society National and Online International Exhibitions, Oil Painters of America Salon Show, Oil Painters of America Eastern Regional Exhibition, American Women Artists National and Online Exhibitions, Women Artists of the West National Exhibitions, American Impressionist Society Online Exhibition, Associated Artists of Pittsburgh Exhibitions, as well as gallery shows. She has served as a juror for national and regional juried art exhibitions. Her paintings are in private collections world-wide.

Artist’s Website


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