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  Wednesday- Thursday - May 5-6th- Plein Air Competition

A Two-Day Plein Air Paint Out Competition and Wet Paint Sale


Charleston is a playground for plein air artists, full of history, culture and beautiful scenery!  We invite you to feel the inspiration as you explore one of the most paintable cites in America and capture its beauty on canvas!


See the Plein Air Prospectus for Details


Thursday, May 6th- 6pm- Dinner

Meet and greet dinner at Hymans Restaurant.


Separate checks will be available.

Friday, May 7th 9am- Demonstration

Location: Principle Gallery Charleston, 125 Meeting Street, Charleston, SC

Donna Nyzio

Donna’s demonstration will focus on balance; particularly of large shapes, temperature, stroke type and values.  Donna will also talk about other topics by request.​

About the Artists:

I am a traditional oil painter beginning a new series based on the coastal men and women at work - showcasing and celebrating the coastal trades. What has always made coastal communities great is their ability to innovate, create vision, and put great efforts into entrepreneurship. My new series relates to the maritime trades on the Atlantic coast. Not just fishing, but welding, boat building, dredging, and a variety of other jobs. I will focus on towns with long coastal traditions and a current vibrancy that owe their existence to the maritime industries.

NOAPS Nyzio.jpg

Friday, May 7th- 12:30pm- Luncheon and Awards Presentation

Location: Principle Gallery Charleston,

125 Meeting Street, Charleston, SC

Friday, May 7th 5-8pm- Opening Reception

Location: Principle Gallery Charleston,

125 Meeting Street, Charleston, SC

Saturday, May 8th 9am- Demonstration

Location: Principle Gallery Charleston,

125 Meeting Street, Charleston, SC

Patrick McGannon

Patrick McGannon will share his techniques for his beautiful portrait and figure paintings.

Hidden Sanctuary.jpg
Lost Thoughts.jpg

I’ve always been drawn to the great artists of the past especially the Italian Renaissance masters such as Michelangelo, Raphael and Da Vinci. Central to their art was the study of anatomy along with studying nature in all of its beauty and complexity. I began at a young age to copy the drawings and paintings of the great masters to learn and understand how they created such powerful and beautiful artwork. I went on to receive my BFA in Fine Arts from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and my MFA from Indiana University.

Central to understanding the figure is working from the live model. Traditional drawing sessions include making many gesture drawings that are made in a minute or two that force the artist to capture the essence of the figure in as few lines as possible. From there, poses become longer and longer so that a figure drawing can become more and more developed. Many of these developed drawings then become the basis for paintings. I work in a classical tradition of first making a detailed drawing of the subject and then making a painting based on the drawing. This allows me to first workout the values and composition before color is added to the final work.