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Tues.-Thurs., September 7th- 9th @ 9am-4pm-"Portrait Sketch from Life"

Join us at the Zootown Arts Cmmunity Cent, 216 West Main St., Missoula, MT for a workshop with:

Albin Veselka

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Please join me for a three day workshop in Missoula, Montana this September seventh through the ninth on how to paint a quick portrait from life.

The workshop will consist of demonstration, lecture and painting from life. The number of students is limited to allow me adequate time to critique and guide each student through the process of painting from a live model.


Here is a list of what you will need to bring to the workshop and where you can get them. I try to keep it to the basics so you aren't required to spend too much money. I buy everything online, so there shouldn't be a problem with where to go to get these items.


Ease:l  Really, just about anything will work, but portable is definitely a plus. I'm assuming most of you are already equipped, but here are a few sources to buy easels I like.


Brushes:  If you have a preference go with it, but I may lend you a brush or two if I feel your lack of the right tools is getting in the way of your progress. I have three brush sets available through Trekell if you want to see what I would recommend. You can just buy one of the sets or look at them to see if you can buy something similar somewhere else. Here is the link


Paints:  Again, this is flexible to your experience and preferences, but I will give you some guidelines. I want you to have what works for you. Archivability isn't necessary in class exercises.

-White- Any white will work, but I use Titanium in various forms. You will need a large tube; 120 ml or 5 ounces.

-Cad Yellow Light, SHiva Yellow Pale or Hansa Yellow Light. These are optional and any of the three will work.

-Yellow Ochre is a must

-Asphaltum or Transparent Oxide Brown is a must. If you have another dark transparent brown that you like it will probably do.

-Ultra Marine Blue or Paynes Gray is a must.

-Red- If you want to go bare minimum any one of the following reds will work Cad Red, Cad Red Light, Permanent Red Medium, Quinacridone Red,

If you want to have a little more flexibility add a cool red (Alizarin, Quinacridone Rose, Permanent Rose, Red Lake, Magenta) would all be fine.

There are other colors I use that aren't necessary, but a couple of useful ones are Olive Green, Terra Rosa, Sap Green, Titanium Buff, Blush, Brilliant Blue, Naples Yellow and Indian Yellow.


There are some colors I ask you not to bring because they usually create more problems than they are worth. No Pthalo Blue or Pthalo Green please. I do occasionally use them for the rare instance I want to do something extreme that only they can provide, but those instances are rare and preferential. If you want further explanation, I will be happy to address it in class.

There are a lot of good paint brands out there and it's hard to say why one is better than the other, especially for a class situation. Having said that, my go to brand is Gamblin. They are a good ballance of quality, availability, consistency and affordability. I usually buy most of my art materials from Trekell, Dick Blick or Jerry's Artarama. Links below.


Brush Washer

Please get one if you don't have one. It needs to be 100% sealable. PLEASE don't bring a glass coil jar. I've had way too many mishaps with them breaking and leaking. My favorite is made by Holbein and has three latches. It's the only one I've ever had that doesn't leak under any circumstances, but I can't find it any more.

Paper towels or shop towels Bring at least a large roll, but two is better. I like VIVA the best. (Some will also be provided)

Brush Cleaning Solvent:  Gamsol will be provided by NOAPS.  Please, no other solvents due to chemical sensitivities.

Pallet Knife: If you have one you like that doesn't fit this description then bring it. If you want my suggestion, go with one with a teardrop or diamond shaped head between one and a half and two and a half inches.

Painting Surfaces:  If you have a surface you really like, bring it. However, I would steer away from the cotton canvas. If you want to save some money and you have access to a table saw, you can prime any smooth board with Zinsser 1.2.3 or BIN primer that you can get at any home improvement or hardware store. I prefer BIN, but 123 is water based so it dries a bit faster and doesn't smell as much.

Bring at least three 11x14 to 12x16 panels and at least three 6x8 to 8x10s. You can't have too many.

Other Stuff:  I highly advise that you bring a camera (your phone will probably suffice), a sketchbook, a water bottle, and some of your work so I can see where you are at and what your goals are.

Wed.-Thurs., September 8th-9th-Plein Air Paint Out and Competition
Paintings will be exhibited for sale in the Dana Gallery, and judged by Lori McNee.

Missoula, Montana is nestled in the Northern Rockies, surrounded by endless mountain trails and acres of wilderness with unparalleled natural beauty!  We invite you to follow award winning and nationally renowned artist, Lori McNee, as she leads us on a spectacular plein air adventure.  An experience not to be forgotten!

Congratulations Plein Air Competition Winners!

1st Place


Bitterroot Backwater- Marcia Ballowe

2nd Place


A Hazy Day- Michele Kapor

3rd Place


Bitterroot Barn- Sherri Carter

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Thursday, September 9th @ 6pm-Meet and Greet Dinner

Location TBA

Friday, September 10th @ 9-11:30am-Painting the Landscape Solvent Free

Demonstration by Lori McNee

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Lori McNee has become a well known and accomplished artist, teacher and author.  She is known not only for her outstanding artwork, but also for her lessons in art at  As author of ‘Fine Art Tips’ with Lori McNee, she compiled a resource for today’s artist comprised of numerous contemporary artists, with informative content for every reader. Of her own work, Lori states:

"Often metaphorical, my paintings echo the delicate balance between nature and man. My broad spectrum of work includes still life, nature, landscape and plein air oil paintings. While plein air painting out in the field, Mother Nature is in charge. However, while in the studio, I am able to create my own small universe. Whether it is a landscape or still life painting, I respond to the effects of color, light and atmosphere on the subject. Paintings are like windows to the imagination. In a world full of chaos, I strive to create a respite for the soul." 

Friday, September 10th @ 12:30pm-Lucheon & Awards Presentation
Join NOAPS for a light lunch sponsored by American Art Collector Magazine. Following the Awards Presentation on September 10, 2021, NOAPS Founder Joseph Orr will present a talk on the ‘Founding of NOAPS’, highlighting the initial impetus for the group, as well as their successes and the hurdles they overcame.


Friday, September 10th @ 5-8pm-Opening Reception

Saturday, September 11th @ 9-11:30am-"Painting the Portrait Sketch"

Artist Demonstration by Albin Veselka

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Saturday, September 11th @ 1:30-4pm-"Painting the Montana Landscape"

Artist Demonstration by Aaron Schuerr

NOAPS Schuerr headshot.jpg
NOAPS Schuerr BeartoothMorning_24x30_oil
NOAPS Schuerr The Scale of Distance and

From remote villages in Morocco to the California Coast, Aaron has ranged far and wide to satisfy his artistic wanderlust. He has embarked on solo painting treks across the Grand Canyon and most recently, across the Beartooth Mountains in his home state of Montana. In 2020 he was guest on The Kelly Clarkson Show, interviewed about his plein air paintings. His work has been featured in publications as diverse as The Daily Telegraph, The Times of London, Bored Panda, My Modern Met, Southwest Art, and Plein Air Magazine. Schuerr is a frequent contributing writer to The Pastel Journal and The Artist Magazine and has penned a cover article for Plein Air Magazine. He is represented by The Legacy Gallery, The Mission Gallery, Montana Trails Gallery, and Huse/Skelly Fine Art Gallery. Schuerr resides in Livingston Montana with his wife and three sons.