Monday-Thursday - March 30th to April 2nd  

  Training Your Eye to See


Daniel Gerhartz

Workshop Details:

  • Cost: $1,250

  • Limit of 18 participants

  • Registration closes March 2nd


The focus of this workshop is on training yourself to see accurate relationships and record them in the process of portrait painting.  Dan will demonstrate two portraits in differing lighting situations.  He will lead discussion using slides of masterworks to demonstrate principles of accurate edge control, value control and color temperature.  Students paint a variety of models in these same lighting situations each day throughout the workshop.  During painting time Dan will teach and critique as you are working.   The week will end with some discussion of how he develops a larger composition with a figure in a studio/still life piece and students have the same model and set up for the full day of painting and the opportunity to work through some of those principles.  


  • Titanium White or Titanium Zinc white

  • Cadmium Lemon Yellow

  • Cadmium Yellow Medium

  • Rembrandt Raw Sienna

  • Cadmium Orange

  • Rembrandt Permanent Red Medium

  • Permanent Alizarin Crimson

  • Rembrandt Transparent Oxide Brown

  • Prussian Blue and/or Ultramarine Blue

  • Ivory Black

All oils regular oils, not water soluble. *any brand unless otherwise stated*


No Paint Thinner allowed in the 

studio/class room.  We will supply thinner to wash brushes outside of the studio/classroom.


We will thin the paint with Safflower oil, Walnut oil, or Walnut Alkyd oil (provided by Gerhartz Studio).  Thank you for your cooperation.


  • 3 of each:  Bristle brushes #2,4,6,8,10, flats or filberts

  • 2 of each:  Small sable brushes filbert  #6  

  • 1-2 of each: Dan uses a softer mongoose or sable long flat brush for softening transitions and recommends having 1-2 each of #6, 8, 10

  • Dan has been using Rosemary and Company series 279 long flat #4, 6, 8, 10


  • 4-16 inch x 20 inch oil primed panels or canvases

  • Panels and a wet panel carrier are recommended for those flying in for the workshop for ease of packing and returning your works.


  • Vine Charcoal 10 Medium Sticks

  • Paper towels 4 rolls (Viva Dan’s favorite)

  • Small Mirror



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